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Community Involvement


Upon moving to Elk Grove over 30 years ago, I  developed an interest in becoming involved in the place that I called home. I also believe my nursing profession motivated me to participate in local government and provide citizen input that is so essential to our democracy.  

As I look back over the past 25 years, I am listing below some of the major committees, boards, and advisory groups I have participated in. My experience as an active participant in local government has provided me a perspective as a citizen and has prepared me for an office as an elected leader.

  • Parent volunteer and member of the Parent Teacher Club at Feickert Elementary School.
  • Past Founder and member of Park View Place Elk Grove Citizen Patrol 
  • Past member Elk Grove Family Life Education Advisory Board
  • Past Founder Citizen’s group ‘Elk Grove Grasp’, advocated for smart growth and avoiding urban sprawl
  • Current member  Police Chief’s Community Advisory Board
  • Past member  Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Board
  • Participant Elk Grove Citizen’s Planning Academy
  • Participant  Ad hoc Committee on Diversity Audit and Inclusion
  • Participant  City General Plan Update, City Council, Planning Commission, Sacramento Central Groundwater Authority, Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission meetings


While I believe that civic participation is a noble dedication of time and effort,  it is also gratifying to be able to point to accomplishments achieved over the years. It is this combination of past involvement and accomplishments that I will help me “hit the ground running” as an elected Elk Grove City Councilmember.
  • Testified before City Council for replacement of dilapidated metal wall along Stockton Blvd. and suggested a design to discourage graffiti. Suggestion was adopted.
  • Displayed to City Council chunk of asphalt from pothole on Lujan Drive, advocated repaving of Lujan Dr. Successful outcome.
  • Organized urban farming presentation at community forum. Concept incorporated into City General Plan.
  • Suggested to Arts Commission that graffiti removal along city trails be used as an art project for schoolchildren. City has taken more aggressive role in graffiti removal.
  • Testified at Zoning Administrator meeting about unsightly barbed razor wire at RV dealership along freeway. Owner was deemed to be in violation and wire was removed.
  • Testified before City Council about need to upgrade architectural design of Costco to meet quality of other stores in region, and need for city to upgrade design standards. City required Costco upgrade, and consultant is working on upgraded citywide design guidelines.
  • Informed City Council of an existing neighborhood that was being assessed for street light maintenance for over 20 years and no street lights had ever been installed. City issued partial refunds to affected property owners. 


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